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FIFA 15 the canard of the Team of the Year

01/20/2015 04:21

The controversy is served after a lot of users FIFA 15 reportasen several problems when players purchase packs Team of the Year in the online Ultimate Team mode.

The blue letters TOTY for FIFA 15 will be available until tonight, so many players EA Sports simulator until the last minute rush to clinch the coveted players who form the Team of the Year XI. The problem comes when the gamer their savings spent on packets of letters in which FIFA 15 promises that will find one of the most important players of the year for inclusion in its Ultimate Team and that dream blue card never arrives, a situation which is destroying the patience of gamers who trusted in improving their starting line with this system.

In these packages you will not find the most overrated 5 players of FIFA 15 but rather the players that have really made a difference last season. The Dream Team is formed by Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Robben, Di Maria, Kroos, Iniesta, Lahm, Thiago Silva, David Luiz Sergio Ramos and Neuer in goal. A group of players who come to make easier our online games in the Ultimate Team mode, but to get them we will have to spend money buying packs of cards that few users are willing to spend after some players reportasen problems when meet any of these players after acquiring a large number of packs in FIFA 15.

The complaints have reached the official Facebook of FIFA 15, where fans of football simulation EA Sports have expressed dissatisfaction with this special offer, "is a hoax, I've spent a lot in packs and the best that has come out has been a golden Gündogan "reports one user. This comment appears with almost 100 votes and several replies from other players who share the same sentiment. However, others say they have had more luck than at other times, "last year I had the same problem but this year has left me Neuer, dos Ramos three Luiz two Lahm, Kroos and Messi in the TOTY". Perhaps you have been lucky with the Team of the Year?