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FIFA honor Real Madrid is the best club in 2014

12/28/2014 03:37

Real Madrid have almost doubled the score more than the other famous clubs such as Arsenal, Chelsea, Juventus.

The experts of FIFA for "white vultures" score 20,082 with first place in the ranking list released on 26/12. This achievement reflects the exact shape of Real excellence in the Champions League, FIFA Club World Cup and the King's Cup in 2014.

How to evaluate the priority of FIFA continental arena as the Champions League, FIFA Club World Cup, Europa League. Achievement at the national championships just two priority, followed by National Cup and League Cup.

Man City disadvantage with assessments on should not be in the top 10. Last season the club was eliminated in the round of 16 Champions League this season and pass round a struggle.

Barca, the club failed to win a trophy in 2014, ranked in fourth place thanks to better play "Green Man" in the Champions League. Along with the presence of the top 10 Real and Barca are also two other Spanish team Atletico Madrid and Sevilla.

Benfica surprise overcome many big names such as Arsenal, Chelsea to occupy the position of the year. Last season the word "eagle" treble in Portugal and Europa League runners home.

Points FIFA 10 dots for top teams

Real Madrid: 20 082 points
Bayern Munich: 14 722 points
Atletico Madrid: 14 705 points
Barcelona: 14 422 points
Benfica: 11 177 points
Juventus: 11 143 points
Chelsea: 11 039 points
PSG: 10 589 points
Sevilla: 10 462 points
Arsenal: 10 130 points