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How does FIFA 15 update released XBox One And Playstation 4

03/12/2015 12:37

Also coming to Xbox One PC and the new update of the title of football simulation from Electronic Arts. Here are the new features.

Time updates for FIFA 15. Today, Monday, March 9, 2015, at around 16 Italian, it will be released the update for the PC and Xbox One who follows the PlayStation 4. There are still a time and a specific date for the console old generation, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but there seems no doubt on the landing.

What is new to put into account with the new update of the title of football simulation from Electronic Arts? Are numerous and all go in the wake of the improvement and completion of the experience or the addition of MLS teams Orlando City and New York City FC group Rest of World for the manner Kick Off and Online Play; the arrangement of the stability problems related to requests for substitution in Career Mode and those on the impossibility to unlock some boots for Player Alerts. The names of the players discovered by scouts in Career mode now reflect in a more clear and appropriate their countries of origin.

And again, improvements in sight for the stability of friendly Online, Kick Off, Seasons in multiplayer, Challenges EASFC Match Day and Seasons Friendlies FUT; for seasons friendly FIFA and FIFA Ultimate Team Season; for the Compare Price in FIFA Ultimate Team when comparing prices for consumable items.

In most cases, these accoglimenti proposals and feedback. In this regard, EA Sports is looking for experts in the Serie A and Serie B to expand its community. Initially, you should try auditors or those that analyze data on teams and players and offer comments on possible changes. Basically you can help improve the appearance of the players, their attributes, forms and tactics of the teams.